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Da Tru Life Of A Hotboy


6 September 1985
I got the eye of a tiger and the heart of a bear
I'm the king of the jungle, you can follow me there
Or you can hear it from these niggaz who was hardly there
Or take it from niggaz who fought to make it a star to get here
Several years ago I told myself I solemnly swear
Forever be hard to kill, even harder to scare
One reason why me and other cats is hard to compare
Cuz I'm fact, dat's fiction, it hardly compares
Bein' hated part of the game, pimp it's hard but it's fair
Well I'ma be the best, hate me, see if I care
But just know I'm raisin' the bar and I'm keepin' there
And I'ma still ride clean, blowin' weed in the air
With 2 or 3 bad bitches got they feet in the air
Say they like when I smack on they ass and skeet in they hair
Listen, I don't care if you man of the year
Ya whole show shutin' down when BIG L appear

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